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What You Need to Know

So what is Spades Online? It’s a video game version of Spades. The thing about card games like this and Solitaire is that you either love it or you don’t. Some players might scoff at Spades, thinking it’s better to play it with friends and with real cards. Others view it the same way as Solitaire: It’s a handy way to play Spades by yourself and with others online. That’s what you need to remember when you want to play spades online. The game available online is free and it’s something you can play with simulated opponents (the computer AI) or with fellow human players depending on the options given to you.

The Appeal of the Game of Spades

  • It’s a Relaxing Game with a Niche: Once you get the hang of the rules, it’s a relaxing way to exercise your mind. Although it’s not as super popular as Solitaire back in the day when Microsoft included it in every last copy of it Windows 3.0 and beyond, it’s still a highly sought after game. It has 10,000 to 50,000 installs. Again, not as impressive as the really titles that get millions of installs but the relaxing game that you can play casually with strangers, friends, or AI still has a definite niche.
  • The Graphics Are Simple But Engaging: You don’t need a high-resolution, high-definition processing engine in order to render the graphics of Spades. Your computer need not require a graphics card capable of rendering Crysis or something. You only need a web browser and Flash (or the HTML5 equivalent) in order to play this Google Play card game. Regardless, it has a clean interface that really brings the classic trick-taking 4-player card game to life. You don’t necessarily need advanced graphics to get quality game play.
  • High Standards of Game Play: Spades doesn’t only have classy graphics. It also has smooth game play that perfectly renders what it’s like to play Spades with friends but in a Flash game format. You can scale the difficulty back if you’re a novice or you can crank it up high if you wish for more of a challenge. The game play loyally recreates what Spades is all about, even down to cutthroat solo games or partnership games.
  • The Object of This Game: The object of this game is to take the number of books or tricks that were bid before the play of the hand started. This card game is actually derived from card names in the Whist Family. This includes Oh Hell, Hearts, and Bridge. The thing that makes this game different is that the Spade suit is constantly the suit of trumps instead of having the highest bidder or the luck of the draw dictates which the trump is.

From being a popular Forties and Fifties game from the 20th Century, Spades has found its way back to the present generation of Millennials in the form of a niche but still commonly downloaded card game. It serves as a great alternative to Minesweeper, Solitaire, or Microsoft 3D Pinball. It’s like an altered version of Bridge with game play that isn’t as confusing as poker but not as simplistic as Solitaire. This 4-player contract trick-taking card game is available on Google Play and comes with instructions on how to play it in case you’ve never played this card game your whole life.